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What is it like to be a FuturoTech Student?

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Latinx students from a range of colleges are brought into a virtual setting as a single cohort. Students share common cultures and similar professional aspirations.

Students are individually tracked across  their higher ed journeys, measuring academic progress, well being, and engagement.

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Community and Belonging Tech.png

Students enjoy a community of students with similar backgrounds and interests. This generates a since of belonging in a field that often feels exclusionary.

Students feel surrounded by the personal and academic cheerleaders who are already in their lives. These champions communicate with informed specificity to their student.

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Culturally Responsive.png

Students experience an environment that is intentionally and unapologetically Hispanic. The faces, voices, stories, aesthetic, language, traditions and more are deliberately Latinx.

The connections between academic work and a professional careers in tech are made clear and obvious for students. The goal is to help with an intuitive transition from student to professional. 

Experience 6 Career.png
Student Commitment.png

Students must engage with FuturoTech community is several capacities. All student activity is designed to help them succeed academically and professionally. 

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